Stemwave Therapy

What is Stemwave Therapy?
Stemwave therapy is a commonly used term that can be synonymous with the term extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT or shock wave therapy). Specifically, stemwave therapy is a term commonly used by providers that offer shockwave therapy using the SoftWaveTRT OrthoGold 100. 

The term stemwave therapy originated in 2017 when Dr. Matthew DiDuro tried shockwave therapy from a SoftWave machine and was so impressed with his own recovery that he became a SoftWaveTRT provider. Dr. Matt chose to use this term because the SoftWaveTRT OrthoGold 100 revolutionized shockwave therapy by utilizing unfocused sound waves to stimulate and recruit stem cells as deep as 4.25 inches into human tissue. For reference, a typical shockwave therapy device only permeates 2 inches deep. Because of this impressive reach, Dr. Matt felt that it was appropriate to coin a new phrase “stemwave therapy” for this revolutionary treatment technology. 

How does Stemwave Therapy Work?
Stemwave therapy with a SoftWaveTRT OrthoGold 100 works by distributing shockwaves topically to reach a patient’s injured tissue. This process stimulates the body’s natural healing processes and kick starts healing as well as stimulates and activates resident stem cells. 

Stemwave therapy using the OrthoGold 100 is different from conventional shockwave therapy because the OrthoGold 100 uses patented technology that targets a wider and deeper area than any other shockwave therapy device in the industry. This results in no cellular trauma with faster healing and better outcomes. If you are interested in learning more about SoftWave’s shockwave therapy machine, click here.

What to expect during a stemwave therapy treatment
A stemwave treatment with the OrthoGold 100 will be quick and easy. Your provider will first talk to you about where your pain is located as that will guide the first spot to receive the stemwave therapy. Then, a gel will be applied to the treatment area. Next, your provider will begin your treatment using the patented OrthoGold 100’s treatment applicator. During treatment you provide feedback to the provider in the areas where you feel the pulses. This biofeedback allows the provider to treat the actual injured area as opposed to where you may think the injured area might be.  The average treatment time is 5-10  minutes. Treatment with the OrthoGold 100 typically does not produce any side effects. 

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