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Welcome to Midway Pain Center, where generations of patients in Chicago’s West Lawn neighborhood have received expert care for their pain relief needs. 

Meet Our Expert Chiropractor

Our expert chiropractor, Dr. Mark Aleman, has been practicing since 1987, when he graduated from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Since then, he has developed a reputation for utilizing his knowledge and skills to deliver effective treatments to his patients, just as a chiropractor helped the young Dr. Aleman to recover from episodic back pain without resorting to surgery when he was only fifteen .

At Midway Pain Center, located on Chicago’s Pulaski Road, we offer many treatments that address various types of pain, including in the back, neck, shoulder, knee, and foot. 

Chiropractic Adjustments for Long-Lasting Pain Relief

Chiropractic adjustments can provide long-lasting relief. We tailor the adjustments to meet your specific needs, as well as using deep tissue work to address muscle tension and promote healing. You might not even realize the discomfort or pain you’ve been living with until you experience these treatments.

Ancient Practice of Acupuncture

The ancient practice of acupuncture addresses a wide range of conditions, from physical ailments to even helping treat anxiety and depression. It stimulates the body’s natural healing processes, having a long-lasting impact on your overall health. We also offer Stem Wave Therapy, which provides pain relief by using high-powered focused sound waves to penetrate deeper tissues. 

Specialized Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Our clinic specializes in treating neuropathic pain, and we offer a proprietary treatment program that is accompanied by testing to show objective proof of its effectiveness. Dr. Aleman uses a combination of techniques and treatments to address the root cause of your pain and provide lasting relief.

Prioritizing Your Overall Well-Being

We prioritize your overall well-being, from relief from discomfort, pain, and stiffness, to preventative treatments, to weight management. Whatever your health concerns are, consulting with a chiropractor will get you on the path to optimal long-term wellness. 

Begin your journey toward optimal health and wellness today at Midway Center, 6457 Pulaski Road, Chicago IL 60629. 

To learn more, call us at (773) 767-2225 or schedule an appointment on our website at

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3D Spine Simulator

All of the functions related to the amazing human body are controlled and coordinated by the extensive neural network. Interference or stresses in any part of the nerve system may result in health problems in a variety of areas throughout our bodies. Take a moment and explore which areas of the body are influenced by the different areas of your spine. You will be amazed at how the spine and nerve system are interrelated and connected to every aspect of our expression of health and wellness.

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